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Pop Goes the Prius

Dudes, seriously. While leaving work this evening, I ran over a screw in the parking lot and punctured the back left tire. This is the second time this has happened to the Prius... both times in the parking lot at work, no less. It was probably the same effing screw! It fell out the first time, but this tire managed to hold onto the little bastard.

It's an unusual tire, both in size and make: a low rolling resistance 14" tire... Bridgestone Potenza RE92, P175/65R14. Fortunately, the Toyota dealership has a few in stock and can fit me in at 9:00pm tonight.

Two tires in 16,000 miles!!! At this rate the Prius will never know a worn-out tire.

:: Bryan Travis :: 05/08/2003 @ 19:28 :: [link] ::

Exporting the Essential Essences

The noose tightens...

What's left after exporting the blue and white collar job market? Burger flipping? Retail? Highly educated, multi-role business leaders? Edisons of innovation? Some as yet undiscovered, unfulfilled niche? Are we draining ourselves, leaving a mass of empty shells who must consume, consume, consume? Aw, shucks, I don't know.

:: Bryan Travis :: 05/04/2003 @ 13:35 :: [link] ::