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I reviewed Louisville Weblogs this weekend and removed several defunct weblogs. Defunct weblogs fall into one of three groups:

  • Neglected and Unupdated. These are weblogs that still exist, but no longer updated. If weblogs were capable of emotion, this would arguably be the most humiliating fate. The authors have ostensibly moved onto bigger and better things, and don't even take the time to say good-bye or remove the archives. This is also the most Twilight Zone-ish state for a weblog to be in, because you can't be sure if the author is posting sporadically or not at all; therefore, they Louisville Weblogs in this state cause me the greatest uncertainty. But I have no right to throw stones, because this is the most likely fate of Funtongue Scatterplot. If this weblog didn't belong to me, I'd deem it to be in the final death throes.

  • No Forwarding Address. To the casual observer, all appears well with these weblogs - regular posts, steady flow of fresh topics, enjoyable writing style - but in actuality, all is not well in Camelot. The posts abruptly cease, and with no other warning, all URLs within the site are replaced with 404 errors about a week later... and sometimes, not even that.

  • Dear John. Perhaps the most perplexing, the authors of these weblogs replace the main page with a brief, usually cryptic, message (hidden text is a recurring theme, an easter egg of sorts to the observant reader) explaining why the weblog was discontinued, hence the metaphorical monoker. Occasionally the author forgets to remove the archives, or maybe leaves them intentionally intact. The reasons given tend to vary between depression, confusion, or wanting to grow in other areas. Such explanations puzzle me. If I were to kill this weblog, the reason would be not enough time to do it justice, and in our ever-rushed do-more-faster-better-need-it-done-yesterday society, I would expect "not enough time" to be the most common explanation, but it's not. Maybe those who don't have time for a weblog anymore are like me and leave "Neglected and Unupdated" weblogs in their wake. But of all the reasons to abandon weblogging, I'm shocked to realize how often it's depression. Boredom, sure, but never depression. Writing is therapeutic for me, it's what helps keep me out of depression and lift my spirits when I'm glum. Now that I don't write as often, I find depression harder to stave off, and I seem to be less in touch with myself... but to each their own.

:: Bryan Travis :: 06/30/2003 @ 21:04 :: [link] ::

May Was a Milestone

So, like, yeah... I'm going to catch you up on... stuff. Lots of stuff going on in May. For example:

  • I got engaged. Yeah, isn't that crazy? I mean, it seems like yesterday I was going through all this stuff, but now, I'm like, engaged, to this very same person. (Note to self for anniversary purposes - May 11).

  • And then I graduated from the Bellarmine MBA program, but even now (for anniversary purposes) I don't know the exact date, because I didn't attend the ceremony and didn't read any of the emails, mailings, or other nonsuch communications. Tossed 'em all. And am enjoying some strange sort of childish pride delighting in the fact.

  • Rachel also graduated from Optometry School, and in a few weeks she will receive her board results, and along with those, hopefully a state license so she can practice the fine medical art of optometry in Kentucky. Her graduation date was May 23, but the diploma says May 31. It's a rather large diploma, too... like a Rand McNally tri-fold map. Huge.

So that was May. Later this month Rachel and I are spending a week in Cancun, complements of my mother as combination graduation and engagement gifts for both of us. According to my mother, she's doing this because she's never had to support me financially after I graduated from high school, while my brother has been a steady financial burden. She didn't actually say the part about my brother. But it's true. Just an observation.

My mother gave birth to me, taught me right from wrong, was always there for me, and made significant sacrifices after my parents divorced, so she really didn't have to do this, but let's not forget she did raise me in an excessively rural Southern Baptist church, so I'm willing to call it even. She told me in February or March she had purchased the Cancun resort vouchers, and at the time, I nearly lost my mind, because I already had a vacation planned in April to visit Rachel in Arizona, and Rachel was going to be starting work. It was a wonderful gift, but the timing was so wrong; now, however, it's nice to have the trip to look forward to.

:: Bryan Travis :: 06/04/2003 @ 21:29 :: [link] ::