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When the Honeymoon's Over

We're back from our honeymoon, which was excellent. We really liked Royal Hideaway, more than Moon Palace, even. Neither was shabby, but even when comparing two diamonds, one of them necessarily exceeds the other.

The honeymoon is over, we've been married for two weeks, and living together in our new home for one week, so now what? Well, the fun can begin.

Rachel moved in and started sleeping in the house last Monday, July 19. I contracted professional movers to move me from the condo to the house that Wednesday. We introduced our cats for the first time that night. It hasn't been nearly as bad as we expected. Cat's are social, but very territorial. You'd expect at least a brief paw-to-paw conflict to determine the social hierarchy, but no, not even. Maya, Rachel's cat, is declawed, but Mr. Mist, my cat, still has his claws. Mr. Mist's advantage hasn't entered into the equation.

They hissed at one other for a couple days, then resumed normal behavior once the other was out of sight. Whenever they crossed paths, they'd freeze in position, each staring down the other as if to say, "Are you still here?", and then hiss for good measure.

Mr. Mist staked out the second floor. He's 12 years old, content to spend his time napping on the bed. Traffic and human strangers freak him out. The front door at the base of the stairwell affords him a view and soundscape to both, so he descends the stairs cautiously, if at all. When he does, Maya is waiting for him at the bottom. As a result, Mr. Mist has been downstairs maybe three times, and to him, the stairs are a no cat's land, a demilitarized zone.

Maya staked out the first floor. She's 1 year old, and has way too much energy to maintain a respectful distance. The first floor may be home base, the area where she eats, goes to the litterbox, and does most of her sleeping, but that doesn't mean the second floor is off limits. Oh, no... she runs regular sorties to the second floor, and even hangs out under our bed most of the night while Mr. Mist sleeps topside with us humans.

Cats have sharper hearing and smell than people, allowing them to tell you a lot about a house. For example, as I began typing this around 1:20am in the upstairs bedroom we use as the computer room, I heard a noise like rain falling on the roof in the general vicinity of the bedroom closet and window. I checked outside, but it wasn't raining, and when I came back into the room, the noise was gone. It started again after 10 minutes, a faint rustling sound. As if on cue, Mr. Mist is standing outside the closed bedroom door, and he makes this sound, a combination meow and cooing purr, confirming my suspicions that there are mice living in the attic. I opened the door to let him in, which made enough noise to startle the mice into silence again, but nevertheless, Mr. Mist walked in and stared into the closet for five minutes, as if able to see through the walls to watch the motionless, started mice.

We had new carpet installed less than a week ago. Soon the late night will come when one of the cats proudly trots into our bedroom, drops a bloody mouse corpse onto the carpet, and meows, demanding our attention and praise. It's a good thing we bought StainMaster.

:: Bryan Travis :: 07/26/2004 @ 02:17 :: [link] ::

Here it comes

Prius versus Tractor Trailer

Marriage, honeymoon, moving, job resignation, going back to school. It's all good, but a bit overwhelming all at once. It feels like going head-on with a tractor trailer. Rachel's going through all the same stress, except not going back to school... but she's leaving her job and moving to Lexington so I can go to school. She's sacrificing a lot for me, so in the end, hers is a bigger truck.

In 38 hours we'll be married. Seems like we just had a phone conversation, awestruck there were only 100 days left until the wedding. It went so fast, all that time, somewhere between painting, ripping up carpet, and workaholism.

If I had my druthers, I would have had time to enjoy it more, the approaching anticipation, the planning... instead of going to bed at 4:30am wondering how to pack this condo in two days before the movers get here after the honeymoon... because, after all, July 10 will be the first, and the most memorable, day of our lives together.

:: Bryan Travis :: 07/09/2004 @ 04:18 :: [link] ::