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Too Many Irons, Not Enough Fire

It's been long time since I've written, eh? My second year of pharmacy school is underway, the first round of tests completed, and it's been busy. The second year is supposedly the hardest, and I'm currently working two part-time jobs. My exam scores suggest I have too many irons in the fire: one "A," two "B's," and a "C." I had a 4.0 last year, so these lower scores are hard for me to swallow.

As recognition for earning 4.0's in the first year, 5 people in my class, myself included, received a $150 therapeutics textbook from the pharmacy school student honor society. Our names were announced in front of the entire College of Pharmacy, so now I have an unshakeable reputation as a genius, or least a subgenius. My 4.0 and I kept a low profile last year, and now that we're public knowledge, I simultaneously have enjoyed a new respect by my peers and have been subjected to a few playful verbal jabs that sometimes have enough acerbity to be received on my end as more than joking. Someone later offered an unsolicited apology (by unsolicited, I mean I had not asked for an apology and had shown no indication I felt wronged or offended), so I guess there's more than mere playfulness on their end, as well.

I'm working 12-15 hours/week each for GE and a nearby pharmacy. The timing of the job offers was not optimal. GE is a short-term gig through mid-October that pays handsomely, so it was an offer I couldn't refuse. But since I had committed to work at the pharmacy before hearing from GE, I had little choice other than to "suck it up" for two months. So I work one or both days on weekends. And between classes and work during the week, I hardly get home before 9 or 9:30pm. That makes studying really, really hard to do.

Work and school demands are pulling me in three uncomfortable directions: 1) I'm unable to fully satisfy the needs of the GE project manager I'm working with, 2) I had to ask for my pharmacy schedule to be reduced after the October schedule had been made, and 3) my grades are falling. This is a classic "disaster waiting to happen" scenario, starring yours truly as a fool who's in way over his head and doesn't know it, whose worst mistake is continually telling himself "I can do this until mid-October" instead of doing what he knows in his heart he should do... which is stop the madness by quitting one or both jobs now, catch up on sleep, de-stress, and pull up those grades.

But I know I can do this.

:: Bryan Travis :: 09/23/2005 @ 15:38 :: [link] ::