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I Still Rebuke Thee!

I always thought that if undisputable evidence was found for a genetic basis of homosexuality, that religious conservatives would relent with their "homosexuality is sin" and "God hates gays and so do I" rhetoric. My reasoning was that a genetic basis for homosexuality would send a message that since God made the genes, it was part of God's will for human diversity.

This Southern Baptist theologian tackles the hypothetical question, what if homosexuality is genetic, and calls for using maternal hormonal therapy to convert a genetically gay fetus into a heterosexual. He says, "We can and must insist that no scientific finding can change the basic sinfulness of all homosexual behavior."

I was so wrong. Silly me. I grew up in a Southern Baptist church, and so I should have predicted the result. So much for hope. I should have known better!

:: Bryan Travis :: 03/09/2007 @ 19:05 :: [link] ::