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Did It Again

My mother wouldn't let me eat around the computer when I was a kid. What am I doing right now? Eating some sort of shrimp pasta dish my wife brought home from a baby shower. The to-go box is on the desk, with the sliding keyboard tray between my food and me. I nearly dropped piece on the keyboard, and it made me remember why my mom said that. When this baby grows into a kid, we won't let her eat around the computer, either. That means I won't be able to eat around the computer anymore. A baby changes everything.

After that meltdown over not being able to paint the door trim, the sun came out and evaporated the rain, and it finally got painted. Today I powerwashed the floor of our deck to remove the old paint so I could repaint it hopefully Monday. Just the floor, because that's in the worst shape, and I can paint it in about an hour with a roller brush mounted on a broom handle.

That same weatherman who predicted a 0% chance of rain says Sunday and Monday will be sunny, and Monday will be warm enought to paint. Oops, I did it again, getting myself into a precarious painting situation. We want to sign the contract with our selling agent and put the house on the market Monday, so I really set myself up this time.

I checked the forecast, and our beloved meteorologist Bill Meck predicts a 20% chance of snow on Sunday, but still 0% chance of precipitation on Monday. Meanwhile, there's an 80-90% chance of rain tomorrow and Saturday. Hmm. I'll be interested to know how the deck timbers are going to dry out before I paint them on Monday, because I am painting them Monday afternoon. I was rumaging through the garage and found a large roll of plastic dropcloth the previous owner left behind. Can you believe that? After living here nearly four years, we still find things the last guy left. Anyway, I could spread the plastic sheet over the deck to keep out the rain. The plastic would trap heat, and water vapor would dissipate below the deck. We'll see. And after all this time, we kept a can of the deck paint so we'd know the color should we ever have a need to repaint.

I'm taking a nuclear pharmacy rotation this month. Since the radio-labeled scans start early in the morning, and the customers can be up to a couple hours away, the pharmacy starts preparing doses at 10pm the day before and goes all night until 2-ish in the afternoon. All of this to say that this week, I've been going in at 5am to catch the tail end of the second batch of doses being prepared. It's nearly 11pm. Therefore, I'm sleepy, really sleepy. So sleepy that I dozed off for a few minutes while sitting in the computer chair. I'm going to bed.

:: Bryan Travis :: 03/13/2008 @ 21:59 :: [link] ::

Rain, Rain, Go Away

I wish I were waiting for paint to dry, but instead, I'm waiting for rain to dry. We're trying to put our home on the market ahead of the upcoming birth and move to northern Kentucky, where I've accepted a job. I replaced some exterior door trim nearly two months ago, and I've been waiting to paint the darned thing. We also replaced a fencepost on our wooden privacy fence, which needs to be painted with wood stain. These projects require a dry day with temperature above 50F for many hours. We were in Hawai'i for the first half of February. Now, don't get me wrong -- we missed out on a lot of typically crappy Kentucky winter weather, and I'm way grateful for the escape to a pleasant, tropical climate -- but there were several perfect painting days during our absence. And there haven't been any since our return... except today.

Well, it was supposed to be today. I watched the weather forecast all week. "We're setting up for a wonderful weekend," they said, and "the first cold front will be moving out to make way for clear weather this weekend before the next storm system comes in early next week." Every day as the weekend approached, the 8-day forecast displayed a Raisin Bran-esque sun and "0%" chance of precipitation for Sunday. I thought today was a sure thing.

As for those raindrops running down the door trim and the soaked fencepost I planned to paint today, I don't know how that happened, but there's no denying the heavy clouds and the water falling out of them. Check out the current doppler radar, courtesy of the television station who's been forecasting a perfect Sunday all week. I live below where the "L" meets the "E" in "LEX" on this map, near the county line. Notice how it's just a little bit of rain, just enough to wet everything down so I can't paint outside today before it seriously starts raining and snowing tomorrow? YES! That's the kind of luck I'm talking about!

I'm banging my head against the wall in frustration... figuratively, that is, because I've done enough touch-up work on the interior walls, trim, and ceiling of this house, because I've already screwed up enough things as a result of trying to fix something else, and then had to fix my screw ups. In other words, the only thing keeping me from literally banging my head into the wall is the awareness it'd probably do damage to the wall that I'd have to fix later on, and I've had enough irony with this house already.

Okay, so I admit it -- I'm easily frustrated over this house thing, and this unexpected crappy weather day is just the latest in a chain of small annoyances that have nickel-and-dimed my positive outlook savings account deep into the red, much as this house will do to our financial savings account if it sits on the market for months and months without selling, because we have to move, and if this house doesn't sell, we have to carry two mortgages. Much like Kentucky weather in February, my demeanor is seriously lacking in bright, sunny days to support cheery optimism.

Hawai'i was nice, however. Perfect weather, beaches, perfect weather, mountains, vacation, perfect weather, coral reef snorkeling, relaxing, perfect weather, coffee and good food, volcanoes and lava, perfect weather, humpback whales. I brought back a ukulele, a most fun and quirky little instrument to play. More on that in another post.

March 2, 2008: Day 221

The baby... she's gettin' big in there. Kicking all the time, her butt visibly protruding through mom's belly. She's positioned herself head down, which is a good sign against a breach birth, even if she is positioned somewhat laterally instead of head straight down. Our nurse-midwife showed me how to feel her head and body to guess at her position, and that's a cool, if not somewhat eerie, trick. The first baby shower is today. It was originally scheduled for last Sunday, but it was cancelled because of snow, but I don't want to get stuck on that weather thing again.

Maybe, with a hair dryer or heat gun, I could get that door trim dry enough to paint. I'm so ready for spring.

:: Bryan Travis :: 03/02/2008 @ 13:58 :: [link] ::